Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much is flat rate shipping & Where does my package ship from?

Flat-rate shipping requires you to place an order minimum purchase value, we currently offer this service within Canada & the United States.

Canada : $14.99, with a order min of $50.00CAD

USA : $14.99, with a order min of $150.00CAD

We are based out of Prince George, British Columbia. Canada, every shipment departs our warehouse from this location.


  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Unfortunately, we cant give expected wait timelines for shipments. We package, process & ship every order with Canada Post in 5 - 7 Business days after placement. Once the package has left our possession went cant control the travel of the package or any delays these are based on the carrier's services.


  • Understanding Best Before Dates.

Please acknowledge the "Best Before" date FORMAT varies dramatically region to region, as each country has there own systems for reading these dates.

Most Asia regions stamp products with a 'MFD' Manufacture Date, this i the day the products where produced and not a "Best Before" depending on the products from Canady - Chips, Soda the best before timelines may-be anywhere from 4-14 Months after the "MFD"

USA stamps products in a Month / Day / Year format, here in Canada this can be confusing for Canadian consumers as its very similar to our format however they've switched the Month, Day sections. 


  • Sweet Exotics Contact Information, Phone Number.

We ask customers to reach out to us strictly through email, this is the best & fastest way to get an official response. Instagram & Facebook messages are responded to at a slower rate.

During these times we currently don't have an official/public telephone number, inquires should be sent to our email: sweetexoticltd@gmail.com


  • Can I have free candy?

We are delighted to say, yes. After placing an order, we include freebies once it makes shipment!


  • Can I have a sticker?

This is another one we are very proud to include, free of charge! We try our best to make sure every order receives a free Sweet Exotics sticker unless they are currently out-of-stock, or backordered.


  • What comes in the Mystery Boxes.

Well, if we told you it wouldn't be much of a Mystery now would it? But what we can tell you is, its a selection of our favorites, best sellers we would like to impress your taste buds with!


  • Do you have a full-time physical store.

Yes, no. At these times, as we are still a small business and working very hard to secure this everyday. We currently have a Full-Time store as a "Pop-Up" in the Prince George, BC Canada. Pine Centre Mall!


  • Product requests?

We love to hear what your looking for! Please send us a message on any of our social media's of what you are seeking, we can get on the hunt.

Origin Story

Sweet Exotics - Origin Story

Sweet Exotics - Origin Story

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