About Us

Mission Statement

Sweet Exotics is a fully licensed confectionery importer based in British Columbia, Canada. Suppling globally produced Soda - Candy - Chocolate, along with many other snack & food items.

Attention to detail & pride is taken when packaging every shipment that leaves our warehouses to ensure our highest standards are provided when processing orders.

First established in 2020, Here at Sweet Exotics we aim to consistently grow our business model and innovate our product line & services on a day too day basis. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, with worldwide shipping we get the pleasure of serving you anywhere in the world!

Origin Story

Sweet Exotics - Origin Story

Sweet Exotics - Origin Story

Sweet Exotics Story In a small town nestled in the heart of the British Columbia, Canada there were two young entrepreneurs who shared a passion for all things unique, treats & fashion! As the...